Mosul Space Programs

Since 2014, Mosul Space has implemented many activities in the fields of technology and business such as build sessions,

hackathons, capacity building programs, incubation programs, community events, hosting global events, and developing

several products inside the Makerspace.

Caritas Cezech Republic - Medical devices mantaninins project

The project aimed to repair broken medical devices in Nineveh by using the Makerspace to 3D-print the spare parts required for the devices damaged during ISIS liberation war. We repaired 13 devices in 4 different hospitals.

Iraq Innovation Hackathon, 2018

The Iraq Innovation hackathon is the first hackathon Mosul Space implemented in the city which aimed to address recycling by finding solutions to “how can we reduce and reuse single-use plastic products and packaging”

Our Services

As a part of Mosul Space's role in supporting youth and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we provide:

Consultancy and Mentorship

Our focus revolves around assisting young individuals, startups, and entrepreneurs in realizing their ideas. We aim to equip them with the necessary know-how and resources to initiate and advance their careers and businesses.

Capacity building

Capacity building is at the core of our mission. We focus on enhancing skills and knowledge to empower individuals and strengthen our community. Through tailored training and mentorship, we foster personal and professional growth.


We're building a supportive network that connects freelancers, service providers, and potential clients. This network not only fosters these connections but also opens doors to new job prospects and opportunities.

Spaces and Community

At Mosul Space, our versatile environments, from open spaces to private offices, form the foundation of our collaborative community, inspiring innovation and fostering an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can thrive.

Maker Space

The Makerspace is a dynamic workshop dedicated to fostering development, innovation, and technology. It provides a creative

environment equipped with an array of tools and equipment, including 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, hand tools,

and electronics, all geared toward the purpose of prototype, product development, and fabrication.

Maker Space Services

Our Insights

Building a strong innovative community of leaders in business and technology.

Creating a space for leaders, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts and equipping them with

all the needed tools and knowledge to succeed in their journeys.

Our Values






Making Difference

Continuous Learning