Our Services

As a part of Mosul Space's role in supporting youth and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we provide:

Consultancy and Mentorship

Our focus revolves around assisting young individuals, startups, and entrepreneurs in realizing their ideas. We aim to equip them with the necessary know-how and resources to initiate and advance their careers and businesses.

Capacity building

Capacity building is at the core of our mission. We focus on enhancing skills and knowledge to empower individuals and strengthen our community. Through tailored training and mentorship, we foster personal and professional growth.


We're building a supportive network that connects freelancers, service providers, and potential clients. This network not only fosters these connections but also opens doors to new job prospects and opportunities.

Spaces and Community

At Mosul Space, our versatile environments, from open spaces to private offices, form the foundation of our collaborative community, inspiring innovation and fostering an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can thrive.